Create an Impressive & Memorable Experience with Scratch Off Cards!

Want a creative and innovative way to stand out for your business, your wedding, your family or friends?

The Team at My Scratch Offs is ready and willing to assist you  in formulating a scratch off card that is sure to grab and keep the attention of the recipient.  Lets face it- People love exciting experiences.Let us help you give Just That- An Exciting Experience!

Let us help you Create It! Reveal It!

We specialize in short quantity run scratch off cards (100); however, we can easily accommodate the larger quantity scratch off card orders as well.


My Scratch Offs Videos

Have you ever wondered how we make our Scratch Off cards?  Wonder no more!  Check out the links below to our new YouTube Videos.  We go over custom scratch off products, new products, holiday products, scratch off labels and how we make it all happen!