Casino Night Scratch Off Game Cards – How to Use Them!

We’re super excited to introduce our newest product, Casino Night Scratch Off Game Cards!  A popular question we get is:  How do you use the Game Cards?  Well, here is how to use them:

Each 25 pack has 24 – Sorry Cards and 1 Winning card.  The winning card will be on the top of the package, marked and turned a different way than all of the other cards.  We’ve started using a removable sticker for the winning cards.  That way you can tell what the winner is…until you remove the sticker!  Once the sticker is removed, you can shuffle all of the cards and hand them out!  Everyone scratches their cards.  And you can always tell who the winner is, because they are usually saying , “I WON!”  Some customers pre-select the winner, other customers make it random.  The great part is that it’s totally up to you how to make the game work!

What’s important for this entire process is that you’ve selected a prize for the winner to win!  Other than that, it’s an easy way to make your special event….special!  So what special events can you use these for?  The answer:  Lots!  We’ve had customers use them for holiday functions, family get-togethers, business/employee incentive programs, wedding and bridal showers, baby showers, you name it.

If you have any questions about any of our products, we’re just an email away:  [email protected]


Thanks a bunch and Keep Scratchin’!

-The My Scratch Offs Team


“Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Our Top Six Picks for Proposing to Your Bridal Party


So your man popped the question and you’re planning your big day!  If you’re like most brides, you’ll want to have a group of your favorite girls standing by your side when you say “I do.”


The ladies you choose to share in your special day have probably played an important role in your life, so use your bridesmaid request as an opportunity to tell them how much they mean to you.


Here at My Scratch Offs (, we are always happy to help our brides come up with fun and creative ways to make their wedding more memorable.  So without further adieu, here are six of our favorite ways to “propose” to your bridesmaids.


The Bridesmaid Box


We love the tutorial for a DIY Bridesmaid Box by Something Turquois (  Present your lovely ladies with a gift box full of goodies.  Include a mini bottle of Champaign, a bridesmaid tank top, pictures of the two of you, and a thoughtful note explaining how much she means to you and why you want her to stand by your side on your wedding day.


Message in a Bottle


Are you planning a destination wedding?  If so, then we love the way this idea from Vanessa Scott Hayward ( fits the theme.  A short, sweet message tucked inside a cute little vessel is a creative way to ask your big question.


An Unexpected Lotto Twist


We’ve all see the hilarious America’s Funniest Videos showing unsuspecting friends and family members who have scratched off a fake lottery ticket to reveal that they have won $10,000.  Or so they thought…Well we’ve created multiple versions of “Wedding Themed” state lottery replicas for that exact reason.  Give your future wedding party members an unsuspecting surprise.  We are even able to take it a step further and customize it with their name on it!   (


Some “Bling” for Your Besties


“Propose” to your girls the same way your guy proposed to you.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a pretty piece of jewelry is a great gift to give your girls when you ask your question.  You may want to give them something to wear on the actual day of the wedding, or even just a simple handmade ring, bracelet or necklace that features a delicate knot, heart, or infinity symbol.


“Pop” Your Question… Literally


We love this idea from Quiet Like Horses (!  Tuck your message into a balloon with some confetti and have each of your bridesmaids pop the balloon to find their personalized note.


A Clutch for Your Sidekicks


Similar to the Bridesmaid Box idea, but even more useful!  Consider purchasing Monogrammed clutches for your bridesmaids that can be used the day of the wedding.  Fill the clutch with pictures, a sentimental note, a pair of sunglasses or a piece of jewelry.  (


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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is in full swing at My Scratch Offs! Hop on over to our Holiday Game Card section to choose the perfect scratch off game for your Spring Event or Easter party!  Try out one of our fun Easter Egg Games, or Easter Bunny Games!  Hand out 25 cards and have them scratch to find out who won!  Every game card pack has 1 winning card, and you can also get extra winning cards if you’re in the giving spirit!

Each of our cards are designed in-house by our fabulous Graphic Design Team.  We print all cards on 16 pt. cardstock, and all of our products are Made in the USA!



Write It Right: Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette Part 2 Tone and Tenor


Tone and Tenor

The atmosphere and behavior of your wedding should direct the wording for the rest of your wedding invitation. Formal wording such as, “request the honor of your presence,” and “request the pleasure of your company,“ would be fitting for a black tie affair; but the more casual “please join us,” is best if your event will be focused more on fun than fancy.

A major faux pas (that’s French for embarrassing mistake) until very recently was to use numerical characters for the wedding date. Yes, it’s true. If your invitation said Saturday, May 15, 2002, instead of Saturday, May fifteenth, two thousand and two, no one would show up. O.K., maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the acceptance of numerical characters is new. The numbers sneaked in with the advent of theme weddings, location weddings and canine ring bearers. Just triple proofread your invitation to make sure the day of the week and the date match, and go with what works for you.

Scratch Off Card Artwork Submission 101

Whether you’re envisioning a design that is clean and simple or intricate and exciting , when it comes to creating the artwork for your custom scratch off card, My Scratch Offs employs a staff of top-notch graphic designers to handle all the ins and outs of your design. But for those of you that would prefer to flex your own graphic design teams’ muscles, we are happy to utilize your provided copy to print your custom scratch off cards. When submitting your own artwork, there are a few formatting rules of thumb that we would like to share with you to ensure that your scratch off card production process runs smoothly. Welcome to Artwork Submission 101!

Here is a handy checklist to help guide you through the formatting process:


  • Please submit artwork as one of the following file types:
    • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
    • Layered PDF
  • Artwork must include at least a .125″ bleed around all sides.
  • CMYK color; minimum 300 dpi
  • Please use Rich Black (C-60, M-40, Y-40, K-100) in place of all black within the design.
  • All fonts must be outlined.
  • All images must be embedded.
  • Ensure that all text and images are positioned at least .25″ inside of the bleed.
  • Format the scratch off area to suit your preferred scratch off label:
    • Scratch off area should be formatted to allow a .125″ knockout around text for clean scratch off label machine application.
    • Please allow at least a .125″ tolerance between the scratch off label and any surrounding text/design


  • Please send files of EACH variation.
  • Please remove any circles or boxes that are under the Scratch Off Area.  Due to how we machine these, putting circles or boxes under the area make it tricky.  If you would like to incorporate any circles or boxes in your Scratch Off Area, please contact us at:  [email protected] prior to design.

If you have any further questions about submitting your own artwork, please contact our customer service team for more information!



A Monster Themed Gender Reveal is super creative and adorable way to announce your bundle of joy’s gender.

Boy Girl

Perfect for celebrating your expectancy  of your new cute little monster! We have both girl and boy options! These are our newest addition to the Gender Reveals and a BIG hit! So while you serve your Monster Cake you can play the Scratch Off Cards and see what the baby’s gender is!


Everyone will love the unique scratch game, and will be able to bring home the cards as well as a memory!

Adding these cards to your party will be something nobody will ever forget along with eating monster eyeballs, and scary monster sandwiches.

Check out Our Cute Little Monster Gender Reveals to make your party a hit!


Write It Right: Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette Part 1 Order of Introductions
Photo Courtesy of

Although micro-planned weddings are popular in today’s society, wedding mania is far from new. So-called modern trends are actually rooted in wedding ceremonies dating as far back as ancient Greece. And along with this age-old tradition comes an abundant list of expected social graces. For many modern brides, the Wedding Save the Date sets the stage while the formal wedding invitation introduces the details of your special day with an added level of style and sophistication. While a great invitation design will catch your guests’ attention, it is important to also be mindful of the wording on your wedding invitation including Order of Introductions, Tone and Tenor, and Blending Classic and Creative. This week we will look at the first area of focus:

Order of Introductions

Traditionally, the first names that appear on an invitation are the people who are hosting the event(and more than likely covering the bill!).  Since wedding ceremonies are as old as recorded history, it is only as of recently that the bride’s parents weren’t the default entry on the first line of a wedding invitation.

Now there are blended families, brides and grooms who are paying for everything themselves, even crowd-sourced weddings. Maintaining the tradition of keeping the event hosts on the first line of the invitation gives guests a sense of who’s who and what’s what. More than just clunky tradition, think of this part of the wedding invitation as an event road map for your guests.

Are you a bride-to-be? We would love to hear from you on this topic! Connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter to share photos or comments about this post.

Stay tuned for next weeks post! —-> Write It Right: Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette Part 2 Tone and Tenor

3 Unique Ways to Get Creative With Your Business Card

Top Three Ways to Get Creative With Your Business Card

According to a 2015 study, humans now have an average attention span of just over eight seconds (that’s shorter than a goldfish!) Capturing attention upon first impression can either make or break your business and reputation. When a one-on-one, personal introduction to your products and/or services is not a viable option, your business card must serve in your place. That’s a pretty tall order for a 2 x 3.5″ piece of cardstock. For good or bad, your business card says a lot about your company and its products and services. If you are looking to jazz up your business card in order to make a positive and lasting impression, consider these creative alternatives to your basic , everyday business card.

“Grow” Your Business


Plantable Paper business cards are not only eco-friendly and interactive but they are just plain cool!

Think Outside of the Box


(Flickr/Eric Lumsden)

There simply are no rules that say a business card must be an actual card. Why not try thinking outside of the box for a change? Make your brand more memorable with a truly original approach by supplying prospective clients with a business “card” that isn’t really a card at all (much like the super creative ladies and gents over at Lego are doing!).

Make It A Scratch Off


Scratch Offs are becoming mainstream…they aren’t just for the lottery anymore! Perhaps consider including a Scratch Off on your business card for an additional element of fun and client engagement.  They aren’t just for Business Cards either!  We’ve had customers use our cards as stocking stuffers, for a great Family Christmas Game…or even Christmas Cards!!!

The wrap it up, boring business cards are becoming a thing of the past, so get creative with it! Be it a card that will grow into a garden or a lotto style Scratch Card , take into consideration your target demographic and brainstorm unique and creative ways to unify them with your brand from the very first moment you hand over your business “card” all the while providing fun interaction. Do you have any extremely unique business card ideas that you would like to share with us? Feel free to comment below or share with us on Facebook! Happy planning!

No Party, No Problem!

So, perhaps planning a lavish gender reveal event isn’t really your scene. That shouldn’t mean you have to forego an exciting and meaningful gender reveal, right?! Consider these creative alternatives for sharing your big announcement (whether it be via snail mail or social media!).

Espanol Gender Reveal My Scratch OffsGender Reveal Scratch Off Cards My Scratch OffsGender Reveal Scratch Off My Scratch Offs