“Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Our Top Six Picks for Proposing to Your Bridal Party


So your man popped the question and you’re planning your big day!  If you’re like most brides, you’ll want to have a group of your favorite girls standing by your side when you say “I do.”


The ladies you choose to share in your special day have probably played an important role in your life, so use your bridesmaid request as an opportunity to tell them how much they mean to you.


Here at My Scratch Offs (www.myscratchoffs.com), we are always happy to help our brides come up with fun and creative ways to make their wedding more memorable.  So without further adieu, here are six of our favorite ways to “propose” to your bridesmaids.


The Bridesmaid Box


We love the tutorial for a DIY Bridesmaid Box by Something Turquois (http://somethingturquoise.com/2011/10/14/diy-will-you-be-my-bridesmaid/).  Present your lovely ladies with a gift box full of goodies.  Include a mini bottle of Champaign, a bridesmaid tank top, pictures of the two of you, and a thoughtful note explaining how much she means to you and why you want her to stand by your side on your wedding day.


Message in a Bottle


Are you planning a destination wedding?  If so, then we love the way this idea from Vanessa Scott Hayward (https://www.hatch.co/products/31014-personalised-bridesmaid-necklaces) fits the theme.  A short, sweet message tucked inside a cute little vessel is a creative way to ask your big question.


An Unexpected Lotto Twist


We’ve all see the hilarious America’s Funniest Videos showing unsuspecting friends and family members who have scratched off a fake lottery ticket to reveal that they have won $10,000.  Or so they thought…Well we’ve created multiple versions of “Wedding Themed” state lottery replicas for that exact reason.  Give your future wedding party members an unsuspecting surprise.  We are even able to take it a step further and customize it with their name on it!   (https://myscratchoffs.com/lotto-replica/)


Some “Bling” for Your Besties


“Propose” to your girls the same way your guy proposed to you.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a pretty piece of jewelry is a great gift to give your girls when you ask your question.  You may want to give them something to wear on the actual day of the wedding, or even just a simple handmade ring, bracelet or necklace that features a delicate knot, heart, or infinity symbol.


“Pop” Your Question… Literally


We love this idea from Quiet Like Horses (http://www.quietlikehorses.com/2014/01/will-you-be-my-bridesmaid.html)!  Tuck your message into a balloon with some confetti and have each of your bridesmaids pop the balloon to find their personalized note.


A Clutch for Your Sidekicks


Similar to the Bridesmaid Box idea, but even more useful!  Consider purchasing Monogrammed clutches for your bridesmaids that can be used the day of the wedding.  Fill the clutch with pictures, a sentimental note, a pair of sunglasses or a piece of jewelry.  (http://d3v11bbb5obkq8.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/southern-wedding-monogram-clutch.jpg)


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Write It Right: Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette Part 2 Tone and Tenor


Tone and Tenor

The atmosphere and behavior of your wedding should direct the wording for the rest of your wedding invitation. Formal wording such as, “request the honor of your presence,” and “request the pleasure of your company,“ would be fitting for a black tie affair; but the more casual “please join us,” is best if your event will be focused more on fun than fancy.

A major faux pas (that’s French for embarrassing mistake) until very recently was to use numerical characters for the wedding date. Yes, it’s true. If your invitation said Saturday, May 15, 2002, instead of Saturday, May fifteenth, two thousand and two, no one would show up. O.K., maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the acceptance of numerical characters is new. The numbers sneaked in with the advent of theme weddings, location weddings and canine ring bearers. Just triple proofread your invitation to make sure the day of the week and the date match, and go with what works for you.

Write It Right: Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette Part 1 Order of Introductions

Photo Courtesy of http://hore.dvrlists.com/low-budget-wedding-invitations.html

Although micro-planned weddings are popular in today’s society, wedding mania is far from new. So-called modern trends are actually rooted in wedding ceremonies dating as far back as ancient Greece. And along with this age-old tradition comes an abundant list of expected social graces. For many modern brides, the Wedding Save the Date sets the stage while the formal wedding invitation introduces the details of your special day with an added level of style and sophistication. While a great invitation design will catch your guests’ attention, it is important to also be mindful of the wording on your wedding invitation including Order of Introductions, Tone and Tenor, and Blending Classic and Creative. This week we will look at the first area of focus:

Order of Introductions

Traditionally, the first names that appear on an invitation are the people who are hosting the event(and more than likely covering the bill!).  Since wedding ceremonies are as old as recorded history, it is only as of recently that the bride’s parents weren’t the default entry on the first line of a wedding invitation.

Now there are blended families, brides and grooms who are paying for everything themselves, even crowd-sourced weddings. Maintaining the tradition of keeping the event hosts on the first line of the invitation gives guests a sense of who’s who and what’s what. More than just clunky tradition, think of this part of the wedding invitation as an event road map for your guests.

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Stay tuned for next weeks post! —-> Write It Right: Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette Part 2 Tone and Tenor

Your 12 month Wedding Planning Timeline

wedding planning timeline

Counting Down to “I Do!”

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to share the joy of your nuptials with your closest family and friends, live out the storybook fantasies of your childhood, and throw a kickin’ party! If you are like most brides (and grooms!), then chances are you have been envisioning your walk down the aisle your entire life. You’ve imagined the gorgeous cake, the colorful flowers, the lively music and the stunning gown. But what’s one rather significant—and often times stressful—aspect of wedding planning that can leave even the most coordinated brides and grooms scrambling? …

The Wedding Planning Timeline.

From securing your venue to distributing your Save The Dates, coordinating multiple details across various vendor channels all while adhering to conventional wedding timeline etiquette can be a real head scratcher. Avoid last minute hysteria and unveil the mystery of what to do when with this handy-dandy timeline:

12 months prior:

  •  Plan your engagement party.
  • Draft your guest list.
  •  Book your venues.
  • Set your budget.

One year before you walk down the aisle, you should already be laying the foundation for your dream wedding. Now is the time to have the ever-important financial discussion and really draw the line between wedding fantasies and budget realities! May I suggest using this Wedding Cost Estimator (courtesy of the helpful folks at TheWeddingReport.com) to help you begin outlining your budget.


8-10 months prior:

  • Take engagement photos.
  •  Choose the officiant.
  • Secure your vendors.
  •  Schedule cake tasting and order your cake.
  • Finalize your wedding party.
  • Block hotel rooms.
  • Book wedding day transportation.
  • Register for gifts.
  • Say “I do!” to the gown!

Researching and sifting through a plentiful selection of local vendors can be daunting to say the least. Access all of your options in one place by using a Local Vendor Search Tool like this one by TheKnot.com.

6 months prior:

  •  Finalize the guest list.
  •   Send Save The Dates.
  • Select bridal party attire.
  • Book the honeymoon.
  • Order invitations.
  • Purchase wedding bands.

Your Save The Date is your guests’ very first impression of your upcoming wedding…so make it memorable! Might I suggest a fun and unique Custom Scratch Off Wedding Save The Date?

4 months prior:

  • Confirm venues & vendors.
  • Plan the rehearsal dinner.
  • Finalize hair and make-up plans.
  •  Choose the reception menu.
  •  Order wedding favors/ bridal party gifts.

At four months prior, all wedding plans and decisions should be finalized. Avoid last minute panic by making plans early and sticking to them!

2 months prior:

  • Mail invitations.
  • Draft your wedding vows.
  • Purchase wedding day accessories.
  •  Confirm wedding day transportation.
  •  Create a shot list for your photographer.
  •   Create a song list for your DJ or band.

Communicating your wishes to your photographer in advance is pivotal to ensuring that you capture all of the most exciting moments of your big day. In addition to a standard shot list, consider creating a Pinterest board of all your favorite wedding photography and providing a link to your photographer as inspiration.

4-6 weeks prior:

  • Secure marriage license.
  • Submit final vendor payments.
  • Send rehearsal dinner invitations.
  • Follow-up with RSVP’s.
  • Final dress fitting.
  • Bridal Shower and Bachelor/ Bachelorette parties.
  • Begin reception seating chart.

You’re fast approaching the final countdown. Leave no stone un-turned! All of your wedding particulars (from decor to food) should be firmed up at least one month prior to your big day.

1-2 weeks prior:

  • Pick up your gown.
  • Finalize head count & seating chart.
  • Break in your shoes (this is a big one!).
  • Pack for your honeymoon.
  • Get a facial/waxing.

One to two weeks prior you should be putting the finishing touches on your wedding day plans. You’re finally in the planning home-stretch and now comes the really fun part…

48 hours prior:

  • Get a manicure & pedicure.
  • Wrap bridesmaid and groomsman gifts.
  • Pick up tux.

24 hours prior:

  • Attend rehearsal dinner.
  • Give bridesmaid & groomsman gifts.

Wedding Day:

  • Get Married…
  • Live Happily Ever After!

Of course, every bride and groom will have his or her own preferences and unique agenda, but I hope this can at least get you started with a clear vision of what to expect from the traditional wedding planning timeline.

From all of us here at My Scratch Offs…Happy Planning and best wishes for a beautiful marriage!