Scratch Off Card Artwork Submission 101

Whether you’re envisioning a design that is clean and simple or intricate and exciting , when it comes to creating the artwork for your custom scratch off card, My Scratch Offs employs a staff of top-notch graphic designers to handle all the ins and outs of your design. But for those of you that would prefer to flex your own graphic design teams’ muscles, we are happy to utilize your provided copy to print your custom scratch off cards. When submitting your own artwork, there are a few formatting rules of thumb that we would like to share with you to ensure that your scratch off card production process runs smoothly. Welcome to Artwork Submission 101!

Here is a handy checklist to help guide you through the formatting process:


  • Please submit artwork as one of the following file types:
    • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
    • Layered PDF
  • Artwork must include at least a .125″ bleed around all sides.
  • CMYK color; minimum 300 dpi
  • Please use Rich Black (C-60, M-40, Y-40, K-100) in place of all black within the design.
  • All fonts must be outlined.
  • All images must be embedded.
  • Ensure that all text and images are positioned at least .25″ inside of the bleed.
  • Format the scratch off area to suit your preferred scratch off label:
    • Scratch off area should be formatted to allow a .125″ knockout around text for clean scratch off label machine application.
    • Please allow at least a .125″ tolerance between the scratch off label and any surrounding text/design


  • Please send files of EACH variation.
  • Please remove any circles or boxes that are under the Scratch Off Area.  Due to how we machine these, putting circles or boxes under the area make it tricky.  If you would like to incorporate any circles or boxes in your Scratch Off Area, please contact us at:  [email protected] prior to design.

If you have any further questions about submitting your own artwork, please contact our customer service team for more information!

3 Unique Ways to Get Creative With Your Business Card

Top Three Ways to Get Creative With Your Business Card

According to a 2015 study, humans now have an average attention span of just over eight seconds (that’s shorter than a goldfish!) Capturing attention upon first impression can either make or break your business and reputation. When a one-on-one, personal introduction to your products and/or services is not a viable option, your business card must serve in your place. That’s a pretty tall order for a 2 x 3.5″ piece of cardstock. For good or bad, your business card says a lot about your company and its products and services. If you are looking to jazz up your business card in order to make a positive and lasting impression, consider these creative alternatives to your basic , everyday business card.

“Grow” Your Business


Plantable Paper business cards are not only eco-friendly and interactive but they are just plain cool!

Think Outside of the Box


(Flickr/Eric Lumsden)

There simply are no rules that say a business card must be an actual card. Why not try thinking outside of the box for a change? Make your brand more memorable with a truly original approach by supplying prospective clients with a business “card” that isn’t really a card at all (much like the super creative ladies and gents over at Lego are doing!).

Make It A Scratch Off


Scratch Offs are becoming mainstream…they aren’t just for the lottery anymore! Perhaps consider including a Scratch Off on your business card for an additional element of fun and client engagement.  They aren’t just for Business Cards either!  We’ve had customers use our cards as stocking stuffers, for a great Family Christmas Game…or even Christmas Cards!!!

The wrap it up, boring business cards are becoming a thing of the past, so get creative with it! Be it a card that will grow into a garden or a lotto style Scratch Card , take into consideration your target demographic and brainstorm unique and creative ways to unify them with your brand from the very first moment you hand over your business “card” all the while providing fun interaction. Do you have any extremely unique business card ideas that you would like to share with us? Feel free to comment below or share with us on Facebook! Happy planning!

5 Tips To Boost Your Business’ 2015 Black Friday

5 Black Friday Tips For Your Business

Ahhh, I love the smell of commerce in the morning!

Black Friday. It’s the annual Olympics of retail shopping. That once-a-year event where red-eyed shoppers coax themselves out of a tryptophan-induced lethargy in order to brave the 2 A.M. masses in hopes of snatching up the latest Playstation model…for a $1! According to Bloomberg News[1], in 2013, over 140 million people shopped the day after Thanksgiving. For businesses that opt to embrace our nation’s biggest shopping “holiday,” Black Friday can be a traffic and sales gravy train!

While the year’s biggest shopping day may still be nearly two months away, now is the time to start planning and promoting Black Friday incentives to give your business a leg-up in the very competitive retail market. Here is a compilation of ideas to inspire your own successful Black Friday efforts.

1. The Early Bird Catches the Sales
Did you know that over a third of men and women (32 percent and 35 percent, respectively) venture out into the early morning crowds on Black Friday[2]?! That’s A LOT of shoppers. Don’t miss out on your share of these prospective shoppers. Consider offering your customers extended, early morning business hours the day after Thanksgiving.
2. Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Old Fashioned Coupon
Over half (53%) of shoppers say they would use a coupon when making a Black Friday purchase[3]. In addition to offering your customers a savings, an added perk of offering coupons is that you are organically increasing brand visibility. It’s a 1-2 punch!
3. Go Digital
Let’s face it, we live in a digital age. Show you’re tech savvy by offering your customers web-based access to exclusive Black Friday savings and discounts. Create a special QR code for shoppers to scan in-store that will provide them instant mobile access to a coupon/savings flier that is specific to Black Friday use. Does your business primarily function online? Create a banner ad on your homepage or a specific landing page within your website to organize and indicate your Black Friday savings to customers.
4. Spread The Word
Leave no potential customer untouched! Compile a list of your most effective means of reaching your target audience and promote, promote, promote! Use every opportunity at your disposal to remind your customers of your fabulous Black Friday savings, whether it be by word of mouth in your brick-and-mortar or a carefully executed online marketing campaign. Consider reaching your customers by:

  • Employ the Power of Social Media: Don’t forget to utilize social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., to promote within your current customer network and target promoted ads to seek out a new customer base.
  • Direct Email: Send an Email to your established customers announcing your Black Friday Deals and Savings. Not currently using a newsletter service? Be sure to familiarize yourself with how to keep your e-mailing CAN-SPAM Compliant.
  • In-Store Distributions: Consider including a leaflet or small flier to advertise your Black Friday deals in every customer’s bag/shipment throughout the months of October and November.

Bottom line…Start early and promote across as many platforms as possible and often. Remember, repetition sells!

5. Bring Them Back
Think about offering your customers an incentive to return to your store after Black Friday has come and gone. Take advantage of the unusually high traffic volumes that November 28th will provide by offering attractive savings to draw customers into your store on Black Friday and then reward them for their patronage by offering a discount card with each purchase to be used at a later date. A Scratch Off Game Card is a great way to encourage your customers to shop with you later in the holiday season, too!
I hope that this information will help inspire your own successful Black Friday plan of attack. There are endless possibilities to engage your customers and lead them through your doors this Black Friday, and who knows your customers better than you?! Plan promotions that will excite and motivate your target audience to ensure that you get a slice of that Black Friday pie!





Top Ideas for Promotional Scratch Cards

Top Business Promotion Ideas – What Will You Reveal?

Have you ever considered elevating your marketing pieces by featuring an engaging and memorable scratch off? Let the scratch off experts help guide you in the right direction as you plan your own dynamic marketing campaign!

First thing is first… when a customer approaches me with an interest in creating a Scratch Off business promotion, I always ask a few starter questions to get the ball rolling:

  •    How will you be using your Scratch Off cards?
  •   What are your card specifications (size, quantity, print formatting)?
  •   What promotional message do you want to reveal under the Scratch Off Label?

Typically, the first two questions are fairly easy to answer. Most individuals have a clear vision of how they would like to use their cards and how they want their cards to look before making their initial contact. But, in my experience, the promotional message is where project creativity can start to slump. I am often asked, “What do you suggest?…” What kind of business promotions do other [insert appropriate business here] do?”.

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