How To Make Your Own Potty Training Chart

Potty Training ChartDIY Scratch Off Projects: Make Your Own Scratch Off Potty Training Chart

As any parent of a growing toddler knows, potty training can be one of the most memorable—yet frustrating—developments of those early years. I, for one, experienced a roller coaster of ups and downs while potty training my son this past year.

I did my homework, reading about all the good, the bad and the ugly of potty training boys. We tried the “potty train your kid in a day” plan… it didn’t work. We tried bribing him with treats, including small toys, candy, or anything else we thought might coerce him into cooperating, but we quickly learned that rewarding him with a gift every time was a slippery slope. And he appeared to be completely unmoved by our encouragement of him being a “big boy.”

And then I was introduced to the wonderful world of My Scratch Offs. In the midst of our seemingly endless journey toward our deliverance from diapers, the concept of a fun and functional tracking and reward system breathed life back into the nearly broken spirit of this potty training parent.

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