Custom Scratch Off Card Artwork Requirements

You’ve decided to get Custom Scratch Off Cards!  We like how you think!  But…do you want us to design the card, or would you like to design the card yourself?  That’s completely up to you!  Pricing is the same regardless of who designs the card, so you can make the choice that works best for you. 

One thing for sure is that making a Custom Scratch Off Card is different than making a business card, or other design.  Here is a checklist of our Artwork Requirements below, to help out in the process.  (Our #1 Tip:  Keep in mind what wording or pictures are going under the scratch off sticker.  If you are picking a 1″ Silver Round Sticker, you would not be able to fit long sentences under the sticker and may want to look at a rectangle. ) Check out our requirements below and feel free to reach out if you have any questions:


  • Please submit artwork as one of the following file types:

    • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

    • Layered PDF

  • Artwork must include at least a 0.125″ bleed around all sides.

  • CMYK color; minimum 300 dpi

  • Please use Rich Black (C-60, M-40, Y-40, K-100) in place of all black within the design.

  • All fonts must be outlined.

  • All images must be embedded.

  • Ensure that all text and images are positioned at least .0.25″ inside of the bleed.

  • Format the scratch off area to suit your preferred Scratch Off Sticker:

    • Scratch off area should be formatted to allow a 0.125″ knockout around text for clean scratch off label machine application.

    • Please allow at least a 0.125″ tolerance between the scratch off sticker and any surrounding text/design


  • Please send separate files of each variation.  The back of the card only needs to be sent once.  🙂

  • Please remove any circles or boxes that are under the Scratch Off Area.  We have a huge machine that puts the scratch off stickers on the cards; putting circles or boxes under the area make it tricky.  We do understand that sometimes circles and boxes are unavoidable in the design.  If you would like to incorporate any circles or boxes in your Scratch Off Area, please contact us at: prior to design.

If you have any further questions about submitting your own artwork, please contact our customer service team for more information!