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Custom Scratch Off Wine Tags for Holiday Gifts

Custom Scratch Off Wine Tags for Holiday Gifts

 🍷 *GENIUS* Holiday Party Planning Idea – Scratch Off Wine Tags!  🍷

We just finished a project for a corporation throwing an Ugly Sweater Holiday Party!  They wanted to give away their Wine Themed Centerpieces, and this is how they did it for their event:

WHAT: 450 Scratch Off Wine Tags. 400 Wine Tags said, “Happy Holidays” and 50 said, “Winner!” after being scratched off.

HOW: Each guest was given one Wine Tag. Only one winning tag was given out per table. Every table had a centerpiece with a bottle of wine. Guests scratched off their tag and the winners could “claim” their win by placing their tag on the bottle of the centerpiece they wanted to take home. It did not have to be at their table!

RESULT: FUN! It was a mad dash for them to get the centerpiece they wanted. It was an awesome way to get the guests engaged and fun was had by all!

Other uses for this idea? Wedding Receptions, End of Year Corporate Events, Birthday or Anniversary Celebrations.

Contact Us at: to get your own Customized Wine Tags!!  OR Click to review other client Custom Scratch Off Card Ideas.

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