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Spooky Bat Scratch Off Party Game for Halloween

Spooky Bat Scratch Off Party Game for Halloween

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Looking for entertainment for your next Halloween party? We have the perfect game!

Our spooky vampire bat scratch off games set is sure to delight kids and adults at your next Halloween party.

Each set comes with 26 cards. 24 “Sorry” and 2 “Winning” cards per pack. Need additional winning cards? You can add single additional winning cards to your order! Free US shipping on orders over $35.

Hand out cards to friends and family at Halloween themed parties within the home or at school. Each winning card has a removeable sticker on it so you will know which cards are the winning cards prior to handing out.

Have each kid scratch off the cards with one of our plastic colorful scratcher chips.

Have a fun and exciting prize planned and available for the WINNER(s)!

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