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DIY Make Your Own Scratch Off Cards for Teachers

DIY Make Your Own Scratch Off Cards for Teachers

DIY Make Your Own Scratch Off Cards for Teachers

Welcome to the world of DIY Make Your Own Scratch Offs, where education meets excitement! As an educator, principal, or anyone in the field of education, you have an incredible opportunity to utilize these scratch-off cards to inspire, engage, and create a positive atmosphere within your school, district, and community. There are many ways you can incorporate them into your educational endeavors, both inside and outside the classroom. We will explore a number of exciting ways to get you started.

Engaging Classroom Activities:

Transform your lessons into interactive experiences with DIY scratch-off cards. Create educational games to put a spark in learning and increase comprehension, use them for quizzes (i.e. write questions on the cards, apply sticker, pass them out and let the students scratch them off and reward with a grade or even extra credit points), or utilize them to review exercises where students can scratch off to reveal answers or hidden messages (great around mid-term or finals time). This hands-on approach adds an element of surprise and excitement to learning, encouraging active participation, and increasing student engagement. Watch as students eagerly scratch off the cards to uncover knowledge and reinforce key concepts.

Rewarding Positive Behavior:

Motivating students can sometimes be unmotivating within itself. Turning our DIY Scratch-off cards into a reward system can be a great way to motivate students to showcase good behavior, academic achievements, or acts of kindness. Create scratch-off cards that offer small incentives, such as extra recess time, a free homework pass, or a special privilege within the classroom. When students exhibit positive behavior, hand out these cards as tokens of recognition. The anticipation of scratching off the reward creates a sense of achievement and encourages continued good conduct.

School-wide Events and Fundraisers:

DIY scratch-offs can be a fantastic addition to various school events and fundraisers. Use them as a tool to promote participation, engagement, and enthusiasm. One example: create scratch-off tickets for school dances, pep rallies, or sports events, where students can win exclusive perks or prizes. Additionally, consider selling scratch-off cards as part of a fundraising campaign, where parents, community members, or even district personnel can purchase them to support school initiatives.

Rallying Against Bullying:

Promote an anti-bullying culture within your school using DIY scratch-offs. Develop scratch-off cards that contain positive messages, kindness challenges, or random acts of kindness. Distribute these cards to students, encouraging them to scratch off and complete the suggested actions. This initiative fosters empathy, inclusivity, and a supportive environment. Share success stories and encourage parents to participate on social media platforms, increasing community engagement and spreading the message of kindness. DIY scratch cards can also be used as a reward system for those who stand up for their fellow classmates against bullying or speak out against the unfair treatment of others due to their race, home and family life, religious preference, sexual preference, etc.

Parent Involvement and social media:

Want to increase parental interest and involvement. DIY scratch-may be a great way to do just that. Create scratch-off cards with various things parents can do throughout the year to be more involved. Keep it simple and remember parents do have work and some may even run businesses. But to have each family take on one task at least once a year in each classroom could reduce the strain on other parents and even boost the excitement of the kids – to have your parents show interest even once is memorable. Some tasks may include:

  • Bringing refreshments for a class party or school dance.
  • Chaperoning an event or coming along on a field trip.
  • Coming in for career day or perhaps even serving lunch or greeting kids during lunch hour (this is a great surprise when a child sees their parent(s) when they come into the lunchroom).

Another aspect to increase engagement is to offer discounts on school merchandise (t-shirts, hats, drinkware, etc.) or exclusive access to school events (games, tournaments, etc.), parent-teacher conferences, or workshops. Encourage parents to scratch off the cards to reveal their special offer and share their experiences on social media platforms using designated hashtags. This not only increases visibility but also creates a sense of community and encourages ongoing collaboration between school and parents.

Remember, the key to successfully implementing DIY Make Your Own Scratch Offs in an educational setting is to make it fun and inviting. Make learning fun, reward positive behavior, rally against bullying, and foster community involvement. Use scratch-offs to create interactive classroom activities, incentivize good behavior, enhance school events, and promote parent engagement. With each scratch, you’ll ignite enthusiasm, foster a positive school environment, and strengthen the bond between educators, students, and parents. Embrace the endless possibilities and inspire your school community to reach new heights!

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