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So…we have a lot of Valentine’s Day Scratch Offs!

So…we have a lot of Valentine’s Day Scratch Offs!

In need of a unique way to send love to your Valentine this year?  Well, we have Valentine’s Scratch Offs.   Which is awesome, because otherwise this post would be pretty silly.  First is our popular Valentine's Lotto Replica tickets. 


DIY KITS – Several to choose from.  These kits include scratch off stickers and in some cases, other items to put together the perfect Valentines!  Kits are 25 cards each.

 BINGO – We offer a Valentine’s Day Bingo game pack of 26 cards.  24 cards say “Sorry” and there are 2 “Winner” cards!  This is perfect for office parties, classroom parties and family gatherings.

Valentine’s Scratch Offs – This is a 25 pack of cards.  You write in your own personalized message and hand it out to your Valentine.

We’ve tried to have something for everyone!  Both Kids and Adults!  If you have any suggestions, let us know!  Shoot us a line at:  We hope everyone has an amazing Valentine’s Day and Keep Scratchin’!

-Elizabeth from the My Scratch Offs Team

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