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Why Should You Scratch With Us?

Why Should You Scratch With Us?

Why Should You Scratch With Us?

 “Will a scratch off promotion increase my sales?”                                               “Is this easy to do?”

“I’ve never done this before and not sure who to use?”                                       “I have no idea how to start my scratch off project!”

*If you’ve asked one or more of the above questions, this blog is for you!

What makes us different from other larger scratch off printers? 

  • Diversity. We are certified as a Women and Veteran Small Business Enterprise. Many of the corporations we work with are required to seek out minority businesses- which puts us top on the list!
  • Expedience. Our Customer Service is top notch. We reply to all phone calls and email inquiries within 1 business day. More often on the same business day.  We also personally reply via our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.  We gladly send a sample kit of our scratch off product to anyone who requests them at no cost!
  • Transparency. We publish pricing for our products on our website, including pricing for custom orders.  We provide a lot of information regarding what you need to provide to us- as well as being in email communication with the Customer promptly after their order is placed.
  • Accommodation. We specialize in small runs of scratch off cards. Our minimum is 100 cards.  Other print companies have much higher minimum quantities, but it is worth our time as a small business enterprise.
  • Reliability. When we give an in-hands date for an order, we mean it!  I wish we could claim that 100% success rate, but that’s not reality! There is always that exception that we cannot control.  Our on-time delivery rate for custom orders is 99.9%.
  • Ingenuity. We say “Yes” to unique scratch off projects. Why?  Because it could turn into a regular offered product in the future!
  • Selection. We offer the largest variety of scratch off products out there for businesses and consumers alike. We offer them on the various platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Etsy and our own website:
  • Innovation. We are currently working with retail professionals to get our unique products ready to sell at top retail stores. This is a very big and exciting project- we keep learning more and more as we go.

Call to action – how do our customers reach us?

  • Social Media. We post on all major social media platforms.  We include new products, videos, how-tos, blogs.  Not just showing what our product is, but why they should get it!
  • Email. We’re always in email contact with our customers through our website inquiries, Newsletters, order follow ups, you name it!
  • Website. Our home page offers a quick and easy clickable way to contact us. Customers can also fill in their address to receive a sample pack at no charge.  We’re always featuring our newest and biggest sellers on our home page, to make ordering easy and simple.
  • Digital Marketing. We list our products as simply and cleanly as possible.  We advertise our products through major hotspots, such as Google, Amazon, Etsy, and more!
  • Referrals.  How people buy is always changing.  One constant is word of mouth referrals.  Our customers are happy, and we’ve received a lot of business from our customers spreading the word!

If you have any questions at all, just let us know!  You can email us at:  You can also call us at:  618-416-1623

Keep Scratchin’!

-The My Scratch Offs Team

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