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Casino Night Scratch Off Game Cards – How to Use Them!

Casino Night Scratch Off Game Cards – How to Use Them!

We’re super excited to introduce our newest product, Casino Night Scratch Off Game Cards!  A popular question we get is:  How do you use the Game Cards?  Well, here is how to use them:

Each 25 pack has 24 – Sorry Cards and 1 Winning card.  The winning card will be on the top of the package, marked and turned a different way than all of the other cards.  We’ve started using a removable sticker for the winning cards.  That way you can tell what the winner is…until you remove the sticker!  Once the sticker is removed, you can shuffle all of the cards and hand them out!  Everyone scratches their cards.  And you can always tell who the winner is, because they are usually saying , “I WON!”  Some customers pre-select the winner, other customers make it random.  The great part is that it’s totally up to you how to make the game work!

What’s important for this entire process is that you’ve selected a prize for the winner to win!  Other than that, it’s an easy way to make your special event….special!  So what special events can you use these for?  The answer:  Lots!  We’ve had customers use them for holiday functions, family get-togethers, business/employee incentive programs, wedding and bridal showers, baby showers, you name it.

If you have any questions about any of our products, we’re just an email away:

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