Fundraising With A Twist!

As most know, the secret to any successful fundraiser is engagement! One fun and proven way to boost engagement and maximize your fundraising proceeds is to use Fundraising Scratch Cards! Read on for a rundown the MSO team’s favorite custom scratch off fundraising card projects…

Karens Pick

A custom logo Scratch & Win card is one of our most versatile and economical fundraising scratch off options. Consider creating a card that will give away specific “prizes” or leave your incentive open-ended by simply scratching to reveal “Winner” or “Try Again”.  Karen, My Scratch Offs’ Founder & Creative Executive, says this is her favorite fundraising option because,”The 2″ x 3.5″ scratch off fundraiser card is the most popular & convenient.  It easily fits into a standard wallet. It is also the most affordable among all of our scratch off card options. “

Fundraising Fake Scratch Off Ticket

MSO’s Production Manager, Stephen’s favorite scratch off fundraising card option is our “Match 3 & Win” Lotto Replica Scratch Off Cards. “I really like the “Match 3 & Win” fundraising scratch cards for a simple and easy way to raise money for any organization and/or function. It’s basically a no-brainer for fundraising.” The unique novelty lottery ticket is ultra attention-grabbing in it’s authentic look and feel. Stephen adds, “Anyone who has ever organized a fundraising event knows how difficult it can be to come up with ways to entice people to give money to your event.” That’s why including this unique twist on your fundraising project will prove invaluable!

Scratch Off Fundraiser My Scratch Offs

Kristy, MSO’s Client Interaction Director says that she loves to recommend a Scratch and Win card with a “face value” to potential fundraising clients.  Kristy shares that she really likes this particular option because,  “I really like the ease of use for both the person selling the fundraiser and for the supporter purchasing the fundraising card. The seller simply collects $5 from a supporter and the supporter scratches to reveal either a Cash Prize, Gift Prize or Try Again. Quick, simple and F-U-N!”. With multiple prize options and an affordable face value, supporters often like to purchase multiple cards to increase their chances of winning a variety of prizes!
Whether you’re interested in adapting an existing concept to suit your needs or spearheading a completely original fundraising effort, let the team at My Scratch Offs help you put the FUN back in fundraising with a scratch off!
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