Colorful Easter Egg Scratch Off Game Card

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Colorful Easter Egg Scratch Off Game Card

• Fun Easter Game Cards feature a Easter Egg design and comes with one 1” Silver Oval Scratch Off area.
• Cards measure 2” x 3.5”
• Sold in packs of 25 Cards with 24 “Sorry” cards and 1 “Winner” card.  Winning card will be the top card in the pack.  Additional Winners are also available for purchase.  All Additional Winners will be packaged separately.
• Professionally printed on Heavyweight Cardstock with Glossy UV coating
• Ships within 1-2 business days; you will receive an email with tracking once shipped
• Colorful Easter Egg Scratch Off Cards are pre-printed and are not customizable
• Don’t forget to enclose your Cards in our Mini Envelopes!
• Scratch Off Cards are designed by My Scratch Offs, LLC
• Made in USA

  • EASTER THEME: Whether you are Christian or just love fun holidays, Easter is a fun celebration to be a part of. If you are planning a family game night or a get-together with friends, it is good to plan some activities that match your festive decorations. Our Easter scratch-off game is the perfect ice breaker to get your guests in the spirit of the season.
  • FREE GIVEAWAY ACTIVITY FOR EVERYONE: Adults and kids (3+) will enjoy this exciting scratch-off activity! To play, simply hand everyone a card and tell them to scratch off the silver Easter egg. It will reveal whether they got lucky or not! Only 1 person out of 25 can win, making it the perfect giveaway activity to get guests excited for some Easter prizes and toys.
  • BETTER THAN ORDINARY DRAWINGS: Unlike ordinary raffle-like activities that take up a lot of time and require everyone to be quiet, our scratch-off cards allow your guests to socialize and play at the same time. You also don’t need any other supplies. All you need is a scratcher tool to remove the silver film. These cards make great party favors!
  • 25 CARDS, 1 WINNER: Each Easter egg game card features a pile of brightly colored Easter eggs with one silver scratch-off egg near the bottom of the card. When someone scratches off the metallic Easter egg, it will say “Sorry!” or “Winner!,” letting them know if they’ve won some fun party accessories or not.
  • QUALITY AT MY SCRATCH OFFS: At My Scratch Offs, we pride ourselves on making quality products that can be used at class parties, family get-togethers, or teen events. Each card is 2” x 3.5” and is professionally printed in the USA on high-gloss paper. We also have scratch-offs and lottery tickets for Valentine’s Day, gender-reveal parties, classroom events, wedding favors, holiday parties, and more!

© 2019 My Scratch Offs, LLC

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25 Cards (1 Winner), 50 Cards (2 Winners), 75 Cards (3 Winners), 100 Cards (4 Winners), 125 Cards (5 Winners), 150 Cards (6 Winners)