Mix N Match Scratch Off Labels Stickers

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Mix N Match  Scratch Off Labels Stickers

Choose a Mix n Match quantity of ANY of the assorted stickers that we offer.

  • 0.50″ Round in Silver
  • 0.70″ Round  in Silver, Gold and Hologram
  • 1″ Round in Silver, Gold, Silver with text “Scratch Here”, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Black, Hologram and Glitter Hologram
  • 1″ Square in Silver, Gold, Silver with text “Scratch Here” and Hologram
  • 1″ Heart in Silver, Silver with text “Scratch Here”, Red and Pink
  • 1.25″ Round in Silver and Gold
  • 1.3″ x 1″ Oval  in Silver
  • 1.5″ Round in Silver and Gold
  • 1.5″ Square in Silver
  • 1.5″ Square in Silver with Text “Match 3 & Win”, with Grid
  • 1.5″ Heart in Silver and Gold
  • 1.5″ x 1″ Rectangle  in Silver
  • 2″ x 1″ Rectangle in Silver, Gold and Hologram
  • 2″ Square in Silver
  • 2″ Round in Silver
  • 0.375″ x 2.5″ PIN Labels in  Silver and Silver with the text “Scratch Off Gently With Coin”
  • 0.25″ x 1.375″ PIN Labels in Zebra Wave and Plain Silver
  • 0.18″ x .625″ PIN Labels in Mini Zebra Wave
  • Specialty Labels- 1″ Green Shamrock, 1.25″ Diamond Hologram, 1.5″ Gold Star

Leave your quantity request in the notes section at checkout.  Please note that if you do not choose specific product quantities, a standard mix n match lot will be mailed to you.

  • FOR ANY OCCASION: Whether you are planning a family reunion, a birthday party with friends, a baby shower, or a corporate event, it is good to plan activities that are interactive and simple. Our classy, scratch-off stickers are the perfect addition to get your guests in the spirit of the occasion.
  • GIVEAWAY: Adults and kids will enjoy scratch-off stickers, whether you use them for a unique gender reveal, a promotional item, a wedding or graduation invite, a pregnancy announcement, or a DIY project. To use, simply stick the adhesive side over the words you want to keep hidden. Give everyone a card with the sticker and have them scratch off the film to reveal what’s underneath!
  • BETTER THAN ORDINARY DRAWINGS: Our scratch-off stickers allow participants to have a fun, interactive experience. They just need a coin or scratcher tool to scratch the sticker — no other supplies needed. These stickers can be part of some great party favors! Depending on your purpose, you can let multiple people win during a giveaway activity to get guests excited for prizes.
  • SPECIALTY STICKERS: Each specialty scratch-off sticker is a fun color. When someone scratches off the box, it’ll reveal whatever personalized design or promo code you printed underneath the sticker, letting the user know if they’ve won some fun party accessories or something as amazing as a new car! These stickers can also reveal clues for a scavenger hunt or the gender of a new baby.
  • QUALITY OF MY SCRATCH OFFS: At My Scratch Offs, we pride ourselves on making quality products that can be used at class parties, family get-togethers, or business events. Each sticker is made in the USA. We also have scratch-offs and lottery tickets for Valentine’s Day, gender-reveal parties, classroom events, wedding favors, holiday parties, and more!
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