ScratchNotes – What they are, and why you need them!

Do you want to put a fun note in your child’s lunchbox?  Do you want to give away special prizes or gifts?  Do you want to announce something in a fun, interactive way to a loved one?  Do you need to remind that special someone in your life to stop leaving socks all over the place?  Well now you can make your very own Scratch Off!!!

Those are a few examples of what you can do with ScratchNotes; however, you can make them be whatever you want them to be!  The only limit is your imagination (and what you can fit in the circle).

It’s simple to use:  Write your message in the white circle, and cover it with the sticker that comes with it.  That’s it!  We recommend using a marker to write you message.  We also sell Scratcher Chips in to make scratching easier!  You can also use a coin, but please don’t use your fingernails.

We have a multitude of designs to choose from, made in-house by our awesome Design Team.  Each pack has 20 cards and 20 scratch off stickers to use.  If you need a bunch of them (more than 100), you can email us at:  [email protected]  for quantity discounts!

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