Scratch Off Labels: A Beginners Introduction

Here at My Scratch Offs, LLC, I respond to about 90% of all of our inquiries, be it by phone, e-mail or tweet. From how-to’s to product suggestions to pricing, our customers’ questions come in all shapes and sizes and I’m happy to answer each and every inquiry. But the number one most frequently asked question is: How do those Scratch Off Labels (also known as Scratch Off Stickers) work??

Our product is unique and in turn, it can be difficult to fully conceptualize without an inherent knowledge of scratch off products (though you can get to know our products by requesting Free Samples!). There are endless practical uses and options for customization of Scratch Off Labels and it can be easy to get lost in the planning process.

If you’re a little confused about how it all works, don’t sweat it, that’s what I’m here for! So, let me explain a little bit about our products in this Scratch Off Labels: A Beginners Introduction Guide…

What is a Scratch Off Label?

Our Scratch Off Labels are a clear, adhesive backing that has had scratch off pigment professionally applied on top. They are a simple peel-and-stick application (like any ol’ regular sticker) and can be applied either by hand or machine applied using a labeler or tabber.

What Do They Say Underneath?

That’s the fun part because our Scratch Off Labels can reveal anything that you have pre-printed on your card. Yes, literally ANYTHING! All of our labels are “blank,” meaning there is no text printed on the label beneath the scratch off pigment. The customization of what you scratch to reveal (ie. “try again” or “winner”) would need to be printed directly on your card and then the Scratch Off Label is applied on top of that.

What Kind Of Material Will They Stick To?

Most commonly, our Scratch Off Labels are used on paper products, but we have completed projects in a number of mediums including:

  • Glass
  • Porcelain/Ceramic
  • Glossy/ UV coated Photo Paper
  • Acrylic/ Plexi-glass

When choosing what type of material to adhere your Scratch Off Labels to, the only suggestion I will make is to avoid a very rough material (ie. unfinished wood or brick). The smoother the material the better, as a course texture can make it difficult to evenly apply pressure while removing the scratch off pigment from the label, resulting in a partial reveal.

How Do They Scratch?

Our Scratch Off Labels are designed to be resilient and require that you use firm pressure and a coin to remove the pigment (using your fingernail is not recommended). Our labels are even designed to withstand the rigors of the postal system without accidentally scratching. The labels themselves are permanent once the adhesive has fully cured, which can take up to 48 hours. We produce our Scratch Off Labels in a variety of shapes and colors and all of our labels are designed to have roughly the same “scratch-ability,” meaning they will all scratch with about the same amount of effort.

What Can I Use Them For?

As mentioned, the possibilities are endless! Some of our suggested uses are:

  • Business Promotions/ Customer Rewards
  • Employee Incentives
  • Wedding & Event Save The Dates
  • DIY Gender Reveals
  • Bridal Shower and Baby Shower Games
  • Classroom Rewards
  • DIY Potty Training & Chore Charts

I hope this information will prove helpful when planning your next scratch off project. Now that you have been brought up to speed about the ins and outs of Scratch Off Labels with this beginner’s introduction…how will you use your labels? Comment below or share your ideas with us on Facebook!

Originally posted to Blogger by Brianna