Write It Right: Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette Part 1 Order of Introductions

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Although micro-planned weddings are popular in today’s society, wedding mania is far from new. So-called modern trends are actually rooted in wedding ceremonies dating as far back as ancient Greece. And along with this age-old tradition comes an abundant list of expected social graces. For many modern brides, the Wedding Save the Date sets the stage while the formal wedding invitation introduces the details of your special day with an added level of style and sophistication. While a great invitation design will catch your guests’ attention, it is important to also be mindful of the wording on your wedding invitation including Order of Introductions, Tone and Tenor, and Blending Classic and Creative. This week we will look at the first area of focus:

Order of Introductions

Traditionally, the first names that appear on an invitation are the people who are hosting the event(and more than likely covering the bill!).  Since wedding ceremonies are as old as recorded history, it is only as of recently that the bride’s parents weren’t the default entry on the first line of a wedding invitation.

Now there are blended families, brides and grooms who are paying for everything themselves, even crowd-sourced weddings. Maintaining the tradition of keeping the event hosts on the first line of the invitation gives guests a sense of who’s who and what’s what. More than just clunky tradition, think of this part of the wedding invitation as an event road map for your guests.

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