Create an Impressive & Memorable Experience with Custom Scratch Off Cards!

Want a creative and innovative way to stand out for your business, your wedding, your family or friends?  Then you’ve come to the right place! The Team at My Scratch Offs is ready and willing to assist you in creating a scratch off card that is sure to grab the attention of everyone. Let’s face it, people love exciting experiences.  And everyone loves scratch offs!  Let us help you give just that- An Exciting Experience…with a Scratch Off!

It’s why we’ve made our Motto:   Create It! Reveal It!

Whether you need 100 cards or 10,000, we’re here and ready to help you Create It and Reveal It!  The customer is always our #1 priority.  Give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any questions.

-The My Scratch Offs Team

Have you ever wondered how we make our Scratch Off cards? Wonder no more! Check out the links below to our new YouTube Videos. We go over custom scratch off products, new products, holiday products, scratch off sticker labels and how we make it all happen!

Retail, Beauty & Manufacturing Scratch Off Card Examples

Karen shows some actual examples of custom scratch off cards that we have done for businesses in the Retail, Beauty and Manufacturing industries. They are often used for promotional reasons and employee safety rewards.

What is a Variation?

Karen explains what a variation is in relation to a custom order for scratch off cards. She also shows examples of what promotional variations other clients have used for their event or promotion.

How do I place the Scratch Off Sticker?

Karen show 2 different examples of how your place the scratch off sticker on a card. She shows using the 0.70" and the 2" round scratch off sticker.