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6 Staycation Ideas for Labor Day

6 Staycation Ideas for Labor Day

Avoid stressful driving trips across state borders and lengthy airport lineups and opt for a staycation this Labor Day weekend. Now that there’s more time, you can devote it to seeing all the local eateries and sights while spending valuable time with your family. Here’s a list of our suggestions for a Labor Day weekend staycation!

  1. Pool Party Time: If you have a neighborhood pool, invite friends, family, and neighbors over for a day of outdoor recreation. For a real festive treat, give it a theme and do a community potluck, light up the grill and ask everyone to contribute a dish.
  2. Become an indigenous tourist: Do a search of your local historic landmarks and schedule a visit to learn more about your hometown. Perhaps take the family out to a baseball or football game. You could even research your state and go to your capitol and learn the state history. Take video to document your trip on your social media platforms for the family and friends not able to attend.
  3. Visit a spa or wellness resort
    Take a load off and treat yourself (maybe invite a few friends along) to a massage, facial, pedicure, healing session, or even an hour of Bikram yoga. Need a more economical choice? Create your own sanctuary in the comfort of your own home with a few items from the neighborhood drugstore! What a great way to rest from all your labor!!
  4. Check out that new eatery
    Now is the perfect opportunity to finally make add a trendy new restaurant to your list of date night options. Put on some nice clothes, leave your phone at home (or in pocket), and just relax and have fun with your partner or family.
  5. Stay a night at a hotel
    Select an area hotel for a fabulous mini getaway escape to unwind and re-energize Consider lodgings that that offer something fun and new:


    • Water park or pool fun
    • Themed rooms and floors
    • Kids clubs and exercises
      Not only will you be able to live it up, you won’t need to stress over making beds or preparing food.
  6. Have a movie marathon
    Take in a new feature at your local movie theater or rack up some fun hits at home, then complete it piles of hot buttered popcorn and other snacks. It’s sure to be filled with thrills, laughter and even some suspense. You could even combine the movie marathon with trying a new restaurant or recipe.

The sky’s the limit to what you can do this Labor Day or any holiday weekend. To add an extra bit of fun and excitement, think of ways to add the element of surprise by using scratch off cards. Create a scavenger hunt by using our blank DIY scratch off cards and plan the entire day. Offer two scratch off cards for your family or partner to scratch off to go to the next place.

Get ready to make some exciting memories and take this upcoming Labor Day as an opportunity to reconnect with your friends and family, appreciate personal time and take a stab at something new! One way or the other, we wish you and your family a safe and memory filled weekend!

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