DIY Christmas Holiday Ornament Make Your Own Scratch Offs - 20 Cards and 20 Scratch Off Stickers

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DIY Make Your Own Scratch Off Card Pack: 20 Pack (20 Cards/20 Scratch Off Stickers)

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What if I told you could unleash your inner wordsmith and surprise your loved ones with a message they'll never forget? With 20 cards and endless possibilities, how will you express yourself?

These cards are designed to give you the creative freedom you crave. Each card measures 3" x 4" and features a 1.75" blank circle. Just waiting for your brilliant words. Grab your favorite pen or marker (sorry, pencil, you're not invited to this party) and let your imagination run wild!

But wait, there's more! We've included 20 shiny 2" Silver Round Scratch Off Stickers to add an element of mystery and excitement. Once you've crafted your heartfelt message, simply peel and stick one of these over it. Voila! Your message is now hidden, waiting to be revealed.

Now, let's talk about the scratching process. We've got a pro tip for you: leave your fingernails out of it. Instead, grab a coin or one of our Scratcher Chips for an optimal scratching experience. Trust us; it's way more satisfying!

Our Scratch Notes are perfect for any occasion you can think of. Teachers, this is for you! Use them as classroom rewards or encourage positive behavior. Parents, unleash your secret weapon to motivate your little ones. And let's not forget about birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and even the humble lunchbox surprise.

Here's the best part: our Scratch Notes come in various super fun designs created by our very own My Scratch Offs Design Team. So not only will your message shine, but the cards themselves will be a visual treat.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pack of 20 cards, channel your inner poet, and make someone's day. Get ready to scratch, reveal, and watch the magic unfold. Remember, the question isn't just what will you write, but who will you wow?

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