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A Step-By-Step Guide to Custom Scratch Off Card Production

A Step-By-Step Guide to Custom Scratch Off Card Production

So, you’d like to order a custom Scratch Off Card? Here at My Scratch Offs, Custom Scratch Off Cards and Labels are our bread and butter! Whether you have a very specific vision for your project or you’re starting the creative process from scratch, our team is primed to step you through the full process from design to production.

Let’s start at the beginning and I’ll walk you through the “what to expect” when ordering a custom card from My Scratch Offs! And so it goes…


  1. For most folks, the custom design process begins with direct communication (either via phone or e-mail) between the client and an MSO customer service representative. Throughout this preliminary communication, our team will gather the following information in regards to the specifications of your project:
    • What size Scratch Off Card would you like?
      For economy purposes, most clients prefer to produce a 2” x 3.5” standard size business card, but we offer additional production sizes of 3” x 4”, 3” x 5”, 4” x 6” postcard, 5” x 7”, and 6.5” x 8” as well.
    • What quantity of Scratch Off Cards do you need?
      This one is pretty self-explanatory…how many total Scratch Off Cards do you need?
    • What type of print production would you like?
      We can print either a single-sided or double-sided design for you. Print options include 4:0 one-sided full color print, 4:1 double-sided, full color front with a black and white back, or 4:4 double-sided, full color front and full color back.
    • How many different promotional variations will your project have?
      We use the term “promotional variation” to describe the different prizes or messages that your card recipient will scratch to reveal. For example, if you would like your cards to scratch to reveal “Winner” and “Try Again” then you would need two promotional variations.
    • How many Scratch Off areas would you like on your card?
      The most common answer to this question is one, but depending upon the specifics of your project, we can accommodate as many Scratch Off areas as needed (up to 40-50 Scratch Offs per card in some cases!).
  2. Once we have established the “specs” for your project, our customer service representative will turn the discussion towards the details of your design. When it comes to the design of your Scratch Off Card, you have one of three options! You can either:
    • choose from one of the pre-existing designs in our design gallery (all of our pre-existing designs can be personalized using your own logo and color theme!),
    • you can choose to work directly with our professional designer who will start with a blank screen and will create a completely unique design specifically for you,
    • or you can provide us with your own formatted, print-ready artwork for the project!
  3. At this point, many of the project specifics will have been hashed out and we would want to establish the timeline for your project. MSO’s standard timeline for custom production is a maximum 21 calendar days. This timeline allows for about three days to be spent on a custom design (if applicable), 10-14 days for printing and Scratch Off production, and up to five days for delivery transit. Do you need your cards in a hurry? No problem! We will happily expedite production and delivery of your project. Please keep in mind, however, that premium services come at a premium cost. The addition of express printing will increase the price of your project by $49.99 and pricing for express shipping services will vary based upon the weight and volume of your order and the delivery location.
  4. Now that we have gathered details in regards to design, production and timeline expectations, our next step would be to provide you with a vendor quote which would not only sum up all of the information that had previously been discussed, but would also provide specific, itemized pricing for your consideration.
  5. By this juncture, the ball is smoothly rolling and you’re ready to place your order! One of our customer service representatives can assist you with placing your order either securely online (via PayPal) or over the phone.
  6. Once your order is paid, any and all details that were discussed with a customer service representative during the preliminary communication process will be forwarded onto our designer for reference. We would also ask that you submit by e-mail any digital files of images or logos that you would like to incorporate into your design. We will also request information in regards to the color and font preference, verbiage, promotional variations and Scratch Off Label preference at this time.
  7. By this point (and throughout the remaining portion of the production process), you will be communicating directly with our in-house designer. After your order is paid, you will typically receive communication from our designer within one business day; either requesting additional information or providing you with a first design proof. You can expect that the subsequent day or two to be spent perfecting your design and once it is exactly as you had envisioned, you simply give final print approval and we handle the rest from there! Our designs are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and if for any reason our designer is unable to create a final design that is to your liking, we will happily offer a full refund prior to the final print approval. Please keep in mind that once a final print approval is given, the order becomes final sale.
  8. Now all that is left is to sit back and wait patiently as we get moving on the final production of your project! Once you have given final print approval, you can expect an additional 10-14 day lead time until you have your custom Scratch Off Cards in your hands and ready to distribute to your recipients.

With endless possibilities to create and reveal, the production of a custom Scratch Off Card might seem a bit daunting…but have no fear! The team at MSO is here to step you through the process and turn your vision into a reality!

Do you have an idea for your own custom Scratch Off Card? Contact our office today and a customer service representative will happily provide assistance right away!

Happy Planning!

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