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Top Ideas for Promotional Scratch Cards

Top Ideas for Promotional Scratch Cards

Top Business Promotion Ideas – What Will You Reveal?

Have you ever considered elevating your marketing pieces by featuring an engaging and memorable scratch off? Let the scratch off experts help guide you in the right direction as you plan your own dynamic marketing campaign!

First thing is first… when a customer approaches me with an interest in creating a Scratch Off business promotion, I always ask a few starter questions to get the ball rolling:

  •    How will you be using your Scratch Off cards?
  •   What are your card specifications (size, quantity, print formatting)?
  •   What promotional message do you want to reveal under the Scratch Off Label?

Typically, the first two questions are fairly easy to answer. Most individuals have a clear vision of how they would like to use their cards and how they want their cards to look before making their initial contact. But, in my experience, the promotional message is where project creativity can start to slump. I am often asked, “What do you suggest?…” What kind of business promotions do other [insert appropriate business here] do?”.


Revealing Your “Promotional Variations”

Before I go any further, a quick crash course on our MSO lingo. We use the term “promotional variation” to refer to the promotional message or specific information that is contained beneath the Scratch Off Label (if you’d like additional information on how our Scratch Off Labels work, I will refer you here). In some cases, the card issuers want to include very ambiguous promotional variations (“Winner” or “Try Again”) but more frequently, our customers want promotional variations that are specific to their products and/or services.

While there is no right or wrong answer, we do find that certain industries favor certain types of promotions/incentives. That being said, here at My Scratch Offs, we put our brains together and compiled a “Top Business Promotions” list by industry based upon our past custom projects.

Top Scratch Off Business Promotions by Industry

Service Industries

Food & Beverage

  • $ off Purchase
  • % off Purchase
  • Size/Quantity Upgrade
  • Free Food Item (i.e. Free Appetizer, Free Dessert, Free Beverage)
  • Buy One, Get One Offer


  • Complementary Room Upgrade
  • On-property Restaurant/Bar Comps
  • In-room Dining Comps
  • % off Stay
  • Free Nights Stay

Entertainment/ Amusement

  • Free Game Play/ Game Tokens
  • Free “Prize” Upgrade
  • Free Concession Item (i.e. snack, beverage)
  • Buy One, Get One Offer

Professional Services

Accounting/ Banking

  • % off Annual Tax Prep or Service
  • $ off Annual Tax Prep or Service
  • Free Gift with New Account
  • Account Contribution Match

Real Estate & Home Inspection

  • Free Gift Upon Closing
  • % or $ off Inspection Services
  • % or $ off Radon and Mold Testing


  • Free Consultation
  • Free Product with Service or Treatment
  • $ off Service or Treatment
  • % off Service or Treatment


  • Free Nail Trim
  • Free Grooming Services
  • $ off Service or Treatment
  • % off Service or Treatment

Health & Beauty

  • Free Product Item
  • Free Service Upgrade
  • % or $ off Product
  • % or $ off Service



  • $ off Purchase
  • % off Purchase
  • Free Gift (i.e. product or service)
  • Complementary Product Upgrade


  • Free Jewelry Inspection
  • Free Jewelry Cleaning
  • Free Gift (i.e. bracelet, jewelry charm, jewelry cleaner)
  • Complementary Stone Upgrade
  • Free Professional Sizing or Repair (if offered)
  • % More for your Gold or Sterling Silver (if offered)


  • Free Auto Detailing
  • Free Gas for a Year
  • Free Service (i.e. oil change, tire rotation)
  • Free Window Tint
  • $ off Vehicle Purchase
  • $ or % off of Service

Employee Rewards

  • Cash Bonus
  • Extra “PTO” Time
  • “Boss For A Day”
  • Free Promotional Products

When it comes to planning your promotional variations, the possibilities are (literally) endless and as mentioned, there is no right or wrong way of doing things. This list of “Top Business Promotions” is simply a conglomeration of our past experience and is meant to springboard your own creativity! So now that you’ve perused our list of business promotion ideas, what type of promotional incentives do you think would work best for your industry? Please feel free to share your comments below or on Facebook!

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