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Why use “Scratch Offs” for Company Safety Programs?

Why use “Scratch Offs” for Company Safety Programs?

In the 14 years My Scratch Offs has been in the Industry- we have worked with many top name companies like Amazon, Walmart, Schnucks, Niagara, and AT&T to create unique and exciting custom scratch off cards for their Safety Programs. 


Because they work.  All of these companies did multiple orders with us year after year because their Safety Programs are actively engaging their employees of the importance of safe practices in keeping with their company policies. 


The Scratch Offs were created as a Safety Rewards Program.  When an employee was recognized as practicing safe behaviors, they were awarded a Safety Rewards Scratch Off.  The details of the program were created by the Company to either be an

  • Instant Reward Program- The Scratch Off card would reveal an Instant award of sundries or swag from the company convenience store, Logo’d T-Shirts, Gift Cards, Gas Cards, Paid Lunch, Sweet Treats, Cash, Paid Time Off (PTO), or others that fit into the companies budget. 
  • Savings Reward Program- The Scratch Off card would reveal an points value that could then be “Saved” to trade in for larger valuable items such as TV’s, Gift Cards, Cash, Paid Time Off, and YES even a CAR.  (Maybe more detail about how the Cost of the item is calculated?)


Each company has to figure when this program would be the most beneficial for their staff.  When are they the busiest?  When do they have the most staff?  When are accidents most likely to occur?  Amazon’s safety rewards programs start every year in early September in preparation for their “PeakFest” (when they are gearing up for 4th quarter sales volume) with a high number of seasonal employees.  For Niagara, their peak season is over the spring and summer. 


The companies we’ve worked with are using these in safety rewards programs in their Fulfilment or Production Warehouses, with their staff Electricians, with their Grocery Store staff, with retail stores, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Physical Therapist Offices, Gyms, transportation (workers- better word), Constructions crews, IT and Security Companies and other labor service companies

See examples of the Safety Scratch Off Cards we have done for other companies here

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