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Spooky Scratch Off Games by My Scratch Offs

Halloween Find the Jack-O’-Lantern Scratch Off Game Card - 26 Pack

We’ve got your Halloween Spooky entertainment handled!  Halloween is all about having fun and getting candy.  What better way to get everyone in the spirit (no pun intended) than a Halloween Game???  I know, right?  Most of our cards are super spooky, but we also have cutesy cards perfect for any get together or party! AND they are great for kids and adults alike! 

Some of you like it Spooky- Like Bats and Skeletons and stuff…(click on above photos)

Some of you like it Cutesy- Like cute Jack-o’-lanterns and stuff…(you still haven’t clicked???)

Some of you like it Exciting- Like as a Spooky BINGO- (You can just click here!) 

This 25 card set is the perfect addition to your party!  Our Holiday Game Cards are primarily geared towards children, but who doesn’t like to act like a kid at Halloween?  I know I do!

Here is how it works:

Each package comes with a Set of 26 cards.  There are 24 Sorry Cards and 2 Winner Cards per packet.  The “Winner” cards always the cards on top and is clearly marked with a square removable sticker that says “This is the Winner Card”.  Plan an equally Spooky or Cutesy gift for the winner of this game.  Hand out the cards and have the kiddos scratch using a coin or a colored scratcher chips (sold separately).

Boo!  👻

-The My Scratch Offs Team

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