DIY Halloween Spider Web Make Your Own Scratch Offs - 50 Cards and 50 Scratch Off Stickers

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DIY Make Your Own Scratch Off Card Pack: 50 Pack (50 Cards/50 Scratch Off Stickers)

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Are you ready to add a little spooky fun to your Halloween festivities? Our DIY Halloween Spider Web Scratch Off Note 50 Cards are the perfect way to surprise and delight your loved ones, friends, students, or coworkers.

These cards are not your typical run-of-the-mill Halloween cards. They’re unique and interactive, allowing you to write and cover your message with a scratch-off label.

What’s included in each pack? You get 50 cards that measure 3” x 4” with a 1.75” blank circle for you to write in your message. Along with the cards, you also get 50 - 2” Silver Round Scratch Off Stickers that will cover your message. Please note that you must provide your pen or marker, as we do not include one. While you can use a pencil, we recommend using a pen or marker for the best results.

Using the cards is easy! Write your message in the blank circle, and then peel and stick a scratch-off label over it. Voila! Your card is now ready to be handed out. We recommend using a coin or one of our Scratcher Chips to scratch off the label rather than your fingernails. This will give you the best results and ensure the label comes off cleanly.

Our DIY Halloween Spider Web Scratch Off Note 50 Cards are perfect for various occasions. Teachers can use them as classroom rewards or to encourage positive behavior. Parents can use them to surprise their kids in their lunch boxes or to add a little extra fun to their Halloween celebrations. You can also use them to add a personal touch to your office or surprise your friends and family on their birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.

Our design team has created fun and spooky designs that will delight you. From creepy skeletons to spooky spiders, our Halloween Scratch Off Note Cards will add surprise and fun to any occasion.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pack of our DIY Halloween Spider Web Scratch Off Note 50 Cards today and add extra fun and excitement to your celebrations! Hand it out and we absolutely suggest using a coin or one of our Scratcher Chips to scratch.

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