Valentine's Day Kit of 50 Cards - I Like You a Bot

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  • ROBOT Valentines Day Cards, Interactive and Fun.
  • Cards are 3x4 in size
  • Includes 50 Cards, and 50 -  2" x 1"  Silver Rectangle Scratch Off Stickers
  • Write in "To" and "From" and cover with the scratch off stickers provided.
  • We recommend scratching with a coin or one of our Scratcher Chips; please do not use your fingernails.

Robo-Love Extravaganza: Ignite excitement with 50 pack of 2" x 1" Silver Rectangle Scratch Off Stickers & 3"x4" Cards of 'I Like You A Bot!' Robot DIY Valentine Scratch Off Cards a whimsical surprise for your robotic friendships.

Personalized Fun Expressions: Craft unique school Valentines using these cards, or gifts for men adding a touch of playfulness to elevate your Valentine's Day celebrations. We recommend scratching with a coin or scratcher tool; please do not use your fingernails.

Coupon Cards for Robo-Thrills: Turn Valentine's Day into a fun adventure with Coupon Cards that promise exciting and robotic surprises for a memorable celebration. Write in your own message with your own Pen or Marker (Pencil not recommended; Pen/Marker not included).

Teacher's Pet Rewards: Delight students and teachers alike with these Robot DIY Valentine Scratch Offs perfect for rewarding academic achievements and adding a touch of fun to the classroom.

Endless Surprises in Every Pack: With 50 packs, each brimming with robotic charm, these DIY Valentine Scratch Offs ensure a delightful and surprising Valentine's Day celebration for all ages. Made in the USA

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