Snowman Scratch Off Game Card 26 Pack - 2 Winning and 24 Non-Winning Cards

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Product Includes:

  • 24 Non-Winning Cards
  • 2 Winning Cards 
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Product Details:

Introducing the Black Hat Snowman Winner or Sorry Scratch Off Game 26 Cards! Are you ready to add a dash of mischief and excitement to your holiday festivities? Brace yourself for a snowstorm of thrills with these captivating Snowman Christmas Scratch Game Cards. But wait, there's more! Can you handle the anticipation of scratching off that shiny 1" Hologram Round scratch off area to reveal your fate?

Measuring a charming 3" x 4", these cards are designed to leave a lasting impression. With a pack of 26 Cards, including 24 "Sorry" cards and 2 elusive "Winner" cards, the odds are stacked against you. Will you be the lucky recipient of a triumphant victory or uncover a heart-wrenching "Sorry" message? The suspense builds as the winning cards lie tantalizingly on top of the pack, beckoning you to claim your glorious triumph.

Crafted with the utmost care, these Game Cards are professionally printed on Heavyweight Cardstock and boast a glossy UV coating for an extra touch of elegance. Rest assured; these beauties are made in the USA, so you can revel in their quality and support local craftsmanship.

Our snowmen are strictly employed for festive cheer and game-time shenanigans. So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the holiday spirit, challenge your luck, and let the snowflakes of excitement fly as you embark on an unforgettable scratch-off adventure!

Question: Can you handle the frosty thrill of uncovering a hidden triumph or the heartbreak of a snow-covered "Sorry"? Let the Black Hat Snowman Winner or Sorry Scratch Off Game 26 Cards test your fate this holiday season! Will you emerge victorious or be left out in the cold?

Don’t forget to add our awesome Scratcher Chips to your order for easy scratchin'!

NOTE: No Snowmen (nor women) were harmed in the making of this card. ☃️

Cards are for Entertainment Purposes only. Not redeemable for any monetary value.

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